About JCCF

Our History...
Several years ago, in 1994, a small group of people decided to make a difference for good in Jennings County. From a humble start of $67 caringly placed in a coffee can, the Jennings County Community Foundation was born. As a result of that early act of faith by a few resolute to making a difference, the foundation has time and time again responded to a variety of needs in our community as our community has responded to the needs of strengthening the Foundation.

What We Do...
From early on, the Foundation has been "for good" for Jennings County. Projects such as the Vinegar Mill, the Park Theatre, and the Historical Museum have been established through the "giving back" attitude of the Foundation. We strive on the rich history of "doing good" for our community, Jennings County.

Another important part of the Foundation is giving Grant Scholarships to students in Jennings County. The Foundation maintains a substantial scholarship program that has helped hundreds of students further their education.

Additionally, the Foundation has recently created a Competitive Grants Program to seek out projects that meet the current and critical needs in our community.

Last, but not least, the Foundation has recently created a Match Fund Grant Program to assist donors in building their funds. We are actively involved in helping donors build their funds within the Foundation.