Types of Funds

Scholarship Funds
Many donors create endowed Scholarship Funds to honor or memorialize an individual, or to serve a specific purpose that is important to the donor. Scholarships can enable students to pursue traditional higher education or vocational training. Income from the endowment provides scholarships each year.

Field of Interest Fund
Field of Interest Funds are established by donors who wish to contribute to an area (e.g. youth, education, parks and recreations, etc.) but do not want to designate any particular existing organization to benefit from the endowment. The Jennings County Community Foundation makes grants from the fund to meet current needs in the chosen field.

Donor Advised Funds
Donor Advised Funds enable donors to participate actively in grant making by suggesting charitable organizations to receive gifts. The Jennings County Community Foundation assists donors by maintaining fund records, researching grant requests, and connecting donors with potential grant recipients.

Unrestricted Funds
Unrestricted Funds help to meet important community needs. Donors place no restrictions on how these funds are to be used, giving the Jennings County Community Foundation the greatest flexibility in making grants to address the community's most pressing and changing needs.

Permanent Endowments
Permanent Endowments build permanent resources to meet current and future needs within the community. The Jennings County Community Foundation administers a variety of Permanent Endowment that have been established by a number of sources.

Agency Endowment Funds
Agency Endowment Funds are created for the benefit of charitable organizations or agencies that prefer to establish funds within the Jennings County Community Foundation, rather than manage and invest their own funds. This is a cost-effective, practical and administratively effective way for non-profit groups to ensure and sustain future funding.

Pass-Through Funds
The Jennings County Community Foundation also assists donors who wish to help fund a special program or immediate need within the community. Such funds are called "Pass-Through" Funds and, unlike permanent endowed funds, are intended to be disseminated fully to serve the intended need.